Americas, Tourism, Transportation, July 21 2021

USA: TravelAbility is proud to announce that Miles Partnership, one of the pre-eminent strategic marketing agencies and web design firms in the travel industry, will become a partner on a variety of accessibility initiatives, including providing joint webinars, educational workshops, digital best practices, and research.

Key to this partnership is the “Herd Accessibility” initiative, where the goal is to aggregate destination landing pages containing links to accessible attractions, museums and hotels on so that travelers with disabilities — as well as locals — will have the information they need on one website. The content on these destination landing pages will be informed by new custom research conducted as part of the State of the American traveler report to be released in September 2021.

“We’re honored to be collaborating with Miles on one of the most important projects to emerge from the first TravelAbility Summit in 2019: Filling the void of information about what is accessible to provide more accurate expectations.” said Jake Steinman, Founder of TravelAbility.

“Finding ways to better support and market to visitors of all abilities is a key area of focus for Miles,” said Erin Fossum, Interactive Producer at Miles. “I lead a dedicated team of digital accessibility specialists who design and code digital spaces that are informed by the experience of users of assistive technology. We believe when we craft our products using the perspectives of users with disabilities, the result can be pleasurable and experiential — not just baseline accessible.”

The partnership between TravelAbility and Miles Partnership will help further both organizations’ goals of providing a better experience for travelers with disabilities and their companions. Through this alliance, they will develop and distribute research and best-practice resources for creating a more accessible web presence, with the goal of achieving Herd Accessibility through the TravelAbility Accessible Destinations landing page initiative. Workshops on digital accessibility and the landing page initiative will start later this year.

Orginally Published on EIN News