GWS and Expat Preventive sign long-term partnership agreement

Posted on January 2nd, 2019 by Best Brothers Group

GWS Production AB, Sweden and Expat Preventive in Netherlands, have signed an agreement, in order to provide the market with the best solution for travel risk management. GWS will provide the technical platform and Expat Preventive the travel security, medical advice and assistance. GWS is an international IT-company and has developed Safeture, a security platform [...]

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Gatwick Airport re-opens with anti-drone technology

Posted on December 21st, 2018 by Best Brothers Group

[ad_1] Gatwick Airport re-opened following 36 hours of disruption caused by multiple drone sightings in the vicinity of the UK’s second busiest airport. While the rouge drones and their pilots remained undiscovered, the airport was able to re-open thanks to the addition of extra anti-drone technology measures to counter the threat. According to the British […]

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Connected journeys: unlocking solutions set to transform transport

Posted on September 11th, 2018 by Best Brothers Group

[ad_1] Three technology advancements are set to transform the transport industry ‒ command and control technology, connectivity and the cloud. The combination of these will enable operators to support the growing demand for safer, and more connected, passenger journeys. According to Synectics, capitalising on the opportunity that new technology presents will help transport operators improve safety, […]

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