120ED Deadbolt Electro-Mechanical Locks

Standard Features_______
■ Solenoid voltage – 120 VAC
■ Superior durability – Working parts
of stainless steel afford greater
strength and corrosion-resistance.
■ Standard lock size – All models use
the same size case, cover and
mounting holes for simplified
installation and frame preparation.
■ External two-piece plug connector –
All models install without cover
removal. Simple plug-in connection to
field wiring.
■ External mounting holes – Easy
installation eliminates the need for
case and cover removal.
■ Standard lock – Mounts behind
frame and does not require a
■ 1″ throw deadbolt – Offers greater
security. Each bolt is hardened to
resist sawing.
■ Mechanical unlocking by key –
Specify Folger Adam Mogul cylinders,
Maxi-Mogul® high security cylinders or
other mogul cylinders.
■ Continuous-duty solenoid – For
instant action; positive unlocking.
■ Finish – Zinc plated case and cover.
■ Deadlock switch – Monitors the
deadlock lever indicating

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Series 120ED Deadbolts are pin
tumbler, solenoid-operated locks for
swinging doors. Specify keying as
121 Keyed case side
122 Keyed cover side
126 Keyed both sides
Key Holdback (3): Units unlock by key
or when the solenoid is energized by a
momentary-contact switch or
emergency-unlock signal (fire alarm).
Once unlocked, the deadbolt is held
mechanically retracted, regardless of
door position, and must be relocked
by key.
Series 120ED Deadbolts are ideal for a
wide range of medium or maximum
security applications including cell
doors, corridor doors, entryways or any
opening requiring a deadbolt-type
locking. These jamb-mounted locks are
designed to be part of an electrical
system with remote unlocking and
monitoring to provide staff safety and
operational flexibility.
120ED Series Deadbolts and MaxiMogul®
key cylinders have been tested
to 1,000,000 operations.
Standards Compliance___
Series 120ED locks are UL Listed as
Burglary-Resistant Mechanisms. MaxiMogul®
key cylinders meet UL437
ASTM F-1577 Grade 1 Impact

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Folger Adam


■ Case and cover – 10 gauge steel.
■ Deadbolt – Investment-cast
stainless steel, hardened,
1″ throw.
■ Deadlock lever – Stainless
steel, adjustable for door
gap variations.
■ Bolt opening – Does not allow
access to mechanism.
■ Operating lever – Stainless steel
to operate with solenoid.
■ Solenoid – 120 VAC continuous
duty with stainless steel guides,
230VAC optional.
■ Springs – Stainless steel.

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Electrical Characteristics

■ Solenoid voltage standard
(120 VAC) – 13 amps inrush – .75
amps seated.
■ Solenoid voltages optional
(230 VAC) – 6.6 amps inrush –
.38 amps seated.
■ Switches – SPDT, UL Listed, 15
amps @ 125 or 250 VAC.

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