120P Pneumatic Deadlatch Pneumatic Locks

■ Indication switch – A lock status
switch monitors the latchbolt
extension and its deadlocked
■ Pneumatic solenoid voltage –
■ Superior durability – Working parts
of stainless steel afford greater
strength, durability and corrosionresistance.
■ Standard lock size – All models use
the same size case, cover and
mounting holes for simplified
installation and frame preparation.
■ External, two-piece plug connector
(not shown) – All models install
without cover removal. Simple plug-in
connection to field wiring.
■ External air coupler – Allows air
system connection to lock without
removing covers.
■ External mounting holes – Easy
installation eliminates the need for
cover removal.
■ Standard lock – Mounts behind
frame and does not require a
■ 1″ throw latchbolt – Offers greater
security. Each bolt is hardened to
resist sawing. When latchbolt is
engaged in strike, bevel is concealed
to prevent picking.
■ Mechanical unlocking by keys –
Specify Folger Adam Maxi-Mogul®
high-security cylinders.
■ Investment-cast stainless
steel strike – Furnished with four
tamper-resistant screws.
■ Finish – Zinc plated.

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120P Series Deadlatches are pintumbler,
pneumatically-operated locks
for swinging doors. Specify keying as
121 Keyed case side
122 Keyed cover side
126 Keyed both sides
Standard (1): Series 120P locks unlock
when the pneumatic solenoid is
energized by a momentary-contact
switch. Once unlocked, the latchbolt is
held mechanically retracted until the
door is opened. It then extends
Without latchback (1a), 04: Once
unlocked, the latchbolt is held retracted
as long as the pneumatic solenoid is
energized. A maintained-contact switch
may be used to keep the latchbolt
retracted for an extended period of
Knob release (2): 120P Deadlatches
may be specified with knob release on
one side, where the knob is always
active. Knob may be mounted on the
case side or the cover side.
Key holdback (3): When unlocked by
key, the deadlatch remains retracted
until relocked by turning the key in the
opposite direction. Available one side
Series 120P Deadlatches are suited
for medium or maximum security
application including cell doors,
sallyport or egress doors, corridor or
entrance doors. Sensitive administration
areas of an institution may also warrant
120 Series locks.
These jamb-mounted locks are
designed to be controlled by an
electronic control system and provide
monitoring of lock status for optimum
protection and flexibility.

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Folger Adam


■ Case and cover – 10 gauge steel.
■ Latchbolt – Investment-cast
stainless steel, hardened 1″
■ Deadlock lever – Stainless
steel, adjustable for door-gap
■ Bolt opening – Does not allow
access to mechanism.
■ Roller bolt – Investment-cast
stainless steel with stainless
steel roller.
■ Operating lever – Stainless steel
to operate with solenoid.
■ Strike – Investment-cast stainless
steel, attached with screws in two
■ Springs – Stainless steel.

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Electrical Characteristics

■ Pneumatic solenoid voltage –
24VDC with 5.4 watts power
consumption. 2.4 watts on MARS
■ Indication switch – Deadlock
and auxiliary.
■ Rating – 15 amps @ 125 or
250 VAC.

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