17-M LATCH Mechanical Locks

■ Maxi-Mogul® key cylinder –
Provides maximum pick resistance.
UL437 listed.
■ Case – Ductile iron.
■ Corrosion-resistant – Working parts
are corrosion-resistant.
■ Latchbolt throw – 7/16″. Flush when
retracted, or 1/2″ projection for
hollow metal pocket installation.
■ Large, solid latchbolt – Investmentcast
stainless steel, 1″ x 7/16″.
■ Security screws – Supplied with four
1/4-20 x 1-1/2″ flat head security
■ Finish – Zinc plated.

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Specifically designed for food-pass door
applications, the 17-M Latch offers the
strength of our original 17 Series Latch
combined with the high technology of
Maxi-Mogul® cylinder operation. Now,
staff need only carry Mogul-type keys.
Surface or hollow metal mountings
available. A 17-4F keeper should be
specified to capture the latchbolt and
protect it from tampering when surface
17-M0 110 Mogul cylinder –
keyed cover side
17-M1 190 Maxi-Mogul® –
keyed cover side
Ideal for food-pass doors, small wicket
doors or observation panels. 17-M0 and
17-M1 latches are designed to mount
above the door and snap-lock instantly
on closure. These latches are specified
with either the 110 Mogul, or exclusive
190 Maxi-Mogul® cylinder as needed.
When Maxi-Mogul® cylinders are
specified, level 1 keying will be

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Folger Adam

Optional Features

■ Square bolt – Flush and 1/2″
projection stainless steel square bolt
for special applications.
■ 110 Mogul key cylinder – For
existing applications.
■ Cylinder finish – US26D
■ Hollow metal mounting – Combined
with 1/2″ bolt projection for in-thedoor
pocket mounting.
■ Keying – Master keying is available.

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(must be purchased separately)
■ 17-4F – Keeper/pull for surface
mounted lock.
■ 17-4FPD – Food pass door with 17-4
keeper/pull (specify 3FP hinges

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