Unit unlocks, opens and deadlocks
open, or closes and deadlocks closed,
pre-selected individual doors or door
groups, via optional electric controls.
Gang release is by mechanical release
Door movement may be stopped in
mid-travel. The door is not freewheeling
in the electrical mode.
Pressure exerted by a door in travel is
factory set at approximately 40 pounds.
Force is adjustable between 20 and 50
Direction of travel of any individual or
selected group of doors may be
reversed without interrupting the
operation of other doors.
When a single door is blocked, there is
no interruption in the operation of any
other door in the group. On removal of
the blockage, the door will automatically
continue movement to the open or
closed position.
In event of emergency or power failure,
any door may be unlocked manually at
the door, and moved by hand without
changing the locked status of any other
In event of power failure, doors may be
manually opened or closed by sliding
the door

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Type 2B.3 locking devices are high
security, motorized sliding cell door
operating and locking systems for use
with any doors not exceeding 300
2B.3 devices are applicable to any
multiple cell or inmate room door
situation. Optional controls provide
selective operation of single or groups
of doors simultaneously.

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Folger Adam

Locking System

Upon closure, each door automatically
deadlocks at two concealed points at
the rear edge of the door. Upon
opening, each door automatically
deadlocks open at the front edge of the
door. Locking components are not
exposed at the front edge of the door
and, therefore, not subject to
tampering. Components do not project
into the door opening.

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Standard Features

■ Motor voltage – 120 VAC.
■ Plug-type connectors – Simplified
wire harness installation.
■ Rugged chain drive – Provides
consistent action of the door under a
variety of conditions and installation
■ Heavy duty construction – 2B.3
devices are built for the rigors of
maximum security applications.

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Type 2B Series has been in service since
1962, and this system has been tested
at 500,000 cycles.

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