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30/30D LOCKS Mechanical Locks

Automatic deadlocking
(Series 30) – Deadlocks on door
closure, unlocks by key. Key is
removable in the latch position only.
■ Mechanical operation
(Series 30D) – Deadlocks and
unlocks by key. Key is removable in
both locked and unlocked condition.
■ Durable case – Ductile iron case with
3/16″ thick steel cover.
■ Corrosion resistance – Working parts
are corrosion resistant.
■ Heavy-duty lever tumblers –
5 spring-temper brass tumblers,
activated by heavy phosphor-bronze
springs. Precision fit to locking fence.
■ Large, solid hookbolt – Zinc plated,
hardened steel, 1/2″ thick.
■ Bolt movement – 5/8″ lift.
■ Investment-cast key cylinder –
One-piece bronze alloy with
paracentric keyway.
■ Finish – Zinc plated.

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Series 30 locks are Deadlatches. Series
30D Deadlocks are lever tumbler,
mechanical locks for sliding doors.
Specify keying as follows:
32 Keyed cover side
36 Keyed both sides
32D Keyed cover side
36D Keyed both sides
Series 30 Deadlatches are
recommended for sliding doors
requiring slam-locking, such as corridor
or entrance doors. Doors should never
be left unattended in open position. Not
for use on cells. Specify handing.
Series 30D Deadlocks are
recommended for use on sliding cell,
corridor or entrance doors. Ideal for
doors left open or unattended at times.

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Folger Adam

Optional Features

■ Mounting – Hollow metal, grille or
plate door mounting.

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(must be specified separately)
■ 30-4B – Mortise keeper with
mounting screws.
■ 30-4BL – Mortise keeper with switch
and mounting screws.
■ 30-4DB – Mortise keeper with
dustbox and mounting screws.
■ 30-4F – Surface mounted keeper and
mounting screws.

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