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3600 and 3800 CREMONE BOLTS Mechanical Locks

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Product Summary

Standard Features_______
■ Series 3600 mechanical operation –
Active door unlocks with a half-turn of
the key. A full turn of the key in the
opposite direction, deadlocks the
center latchbolt, which also deadlocks
the head and foot bolts.
■ Series 3800 mechanical operation –
Active door is operated by a key
which deadlocks the deadbolt, head
and foot bolts. Inactive door is
operated from its own cylinder which
deadlocks head and foot bolts.
■ Lever handle operation – Head and
foot bolts are operated by the
handles, except when they are in
deadlocked condition.
■ Door types – Models available for
use with 2" or thicker grille doors
plug welded to flat, horizontal bars. In
hollow metal doors 1-3/4" thick or
more, bolt set mounts in a pocket
with head and foot bolt concealed
within door. (Specify door thickness
when ordering.)
■ Head and foot bolts – 7/8" diameter
steel. (Specify overall door opening
height when ordering.)
■ Durable case and cover – 7 gauge
■ Corrosion resistance – Working parts
are corrosion resistant.

Heavy-duty lever tumbler –
5 spring-temper brass tumblers,
activated by heavy phosphor bronze
springs. Precision fit to locking fence.
■ Large solid bolt – Zinc plated steel,
2" x 3/4". Flush when retracted.
■ Bolt throw – 3/4" at all three points.
■ Investment-cast key cylinder –
One-piece bronze alloy with
paracentric keyway.
■ Rugged lever handles – Steel
handles and escutcheons on both
■ Supplied – with head and foot bolts,
foot bolt receptacle(s), Escutcheon(s),
and necessary mounting screws.
■ Finish – Zinc plated.

Product Description

Series 3600 Cremone Bolt Sets are lever
tumbler mechanical deadlocks for single
or paired swinging doors. They provide
the convenience of slam-locking and the
security of a deadlock.
3620 Keyed one side
3660 Keyed both sides
Series 3800 Cremone Bolt Sets are lever
tumbler, mechanical deadlocks for
single or paired swinging doors.
Cremone bolts provide three-point
locking for the active or single door,
and five point locking for paired doors.
3820 Keyed one side
3860 Keyed two sides
(see model selection chart on back)
Cremone locks are designed for
maximum security on corridor,
entrance, or armory doors which may
be subject to mass attack. Specify for
use with hollow metal or grille doors.
Specify handing.


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