50HBM Deadlatch Electro-Mechanical Locks

■ Motor voltage – 120VAC
■ External mounting – Locks install
without cover plate removal. External
slotted mounting holes simplify
installation and allow for variations in
door gap by permitting lateral
■ Two-piece plug connector –
Simplifies wiring at time of installation
and allows pre-wiring at the lock
■ Superior durability – Working parts
are stainless steel and designed for
maximum strength and corrosion
■ Hardened hookbolt and deadlock
actuator – Zinc plated for corrosion
■ Motor operation – A choice of two
operations is available, as shown on
following page.
■ High security – Choice of five or six
lever tumbler models. Six tumbler
model offers greater pick resistance.
■ Mechanical unlocking by key –
Once unlocked by key, the hookbolt
remains in that position until relocked
by key (Models without latchback
feature). Key is removable in the
unlocked position.
■ Indication switch – The indication
switch monitors the deadlock lever to
indicate a deadlocked hookbolt.
■ Finish – Zinc plated.

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Series 50HBM Deadlatches are lever
tumbler, motor-operated locks for
sliding doors, utilizing hookbolts. Specify
keying as follows:
51 Keyed case side
52 Keyed cover side
56 Keyed both sides
All 50HBM locks are operated by electric
motor. The choice of two motor
operations provides a variety of
Full-Rotation Motor (50HBM)
with latchback (1):
Unlocks when the motor is energized by
a momentary contact switch. Once
unlocked, the hookbolt is held
mechanically in the raised position until
the door is opened. It then returns to
normal, lowered position.
Two-Position Motor (50HBMC)
without latchback (2):
Same as above, except that the
hookbolt is raised and lowered as the
motor runs. A door starter should be
installed in the track housing to push
the door open when the m
Jamb-mounted 50HBM locks should be
specified for maximum security cell,
corridor, sallyport, or entrance/egress
sliding doors. May be installed within a
lock pocket or full height column. They
are designed to be part of an electrical
locking/unlocking system to provide
institutional staff with maximu

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■ Case – 7 and 10 gauge steel.
■ Cover – 10 gauge HRS.
■ Hookbolt – .5 inch steel, case
hardened and zinc plated.
■ Deadlock actuator – .5 inch
square CRS, hardened and
zinc plated.
■ Deadlock and operator levers –
Stainless steel.
■ Springs – Stainless steel.
■ Motor – Synchronous-type
gearmotor with brake.

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Electrical Characteristics

■ Motor (AC) – Synchronous-type
gearmotor with brake.
Ratings: 120VAC, 60HZ, 1.3 amps
at full load.
■ Motor (DC) – Permanent magnet
Ratings: 24VDC, 2.2 amps at full
■ Indication switch – SPDT,
UL Listed.
Deadlock Ratings: 15 amps at 125
or 250 VAC.
Auxiliary Ratings: 10 amps 125
or 250 VAC.

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