51M Deadlock Electro-Mechanical Locks

■ Motor voltage – 120VAC
■ Two piece plug connector –
Simplifies wiring.
■ Quiet operation – Unlocks by
smooth motor action.
■ Automatic deadlocking – All models
automatically deadlock on closure.
■ Rugged construction – 7 gauge steel
for durability.
■ Indication switch – A lock status
indication switch which monitors the
extension of the latch bolt and the
dead locked condition is included.
■ High security – Five or six tumbler
models available. Six tumbler model
offers greater pick resistance.
■ Mechanical unlocking by key – In
the event of power failure, or at any
time, 51M Series deadlatches may be
unlocked by prison paracentric key;
latchbolt remains retracted until
relocked by key.
■ Solid steel latchbolt – Zinc plated,
with two hardened steel pins to resist
■ Deadlock actuator – Roller type, zinc
plated steel, adjustable for variations
in door-to-jamb clearance.
■ Full 3/4″ bolt throw – Projects 1/4″
when retracted.
■ Finish – Zinc plated


Series 51M Deadlatches are lever
tumbler, motor operated locks for
swinging doors. Specify keying as
52M Five tumbler model,
keyed cover side
52M-6 Six tumbler model,
keyed cover side
56M Five tumbler model,
keyed both sides
56M-6 Six tumbler model,
keyed both sides
When used in conjunction with a
momentary contact switch, the unit
unlocks when energized. The latchbolt
retracts, and once retracted, it is held
mechanically retracted until the door is
opened. The latchbolt extends when the
door is open.
These jamb-mounted locks provide
maximum security for cell, corridor or
entryway doors. They slam lock on
closure and provide staff with the safety
and convenience of remote, electric
unlocking. Quiet motor operation is well
suited to residence areas.
Standards Compliance___
51M Series Deadlatches are UL Listed as
Burglary-Resistant Mechanisms and as
Fire Door Accessories to a three-hour
rating. UL Fire Door rating is not
available with Model 51MC.
ASTM F 1577 Grade 1 – Impact

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Folger Adam


■ Case and cover – 7 gauge steel.
■ Latchbolt – Solid steel with
hardened steel roller pins.
■ Deadlock actuator – Zinc plated
steel, roller-type.
■ Lever tumblers – Spring-temper
brass, activated by heavy
phosphor-bronze springs.
■ Key cylinder – One piece, bronze
alloy with paracentric keyway.
■ Bolt size – 2″ x 3/4″
■ Bolt throw – 3/4″

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Electrical Characteristics

■ Motor (AC) – Synchronous-type
with brake.
■ Ratings (120VAC) – 60HZ,
1.3 amps full load.
■ Ratings (220VAC) – 60HZ,
.65 amps full load.
■ Motor (DC) – Permanent magnet
■ Ratings – 24VDC, 2.2 amps at
full load.
■ Indication switch – SPDT, UL
Listed, 15 amps at 125VAC
or 250VAC

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