51P Pneumatic Deadlatch Pneumatic Locks

Pneumatic solenoid
voltage – 24VDC.
■ Two-piece plug
connector – Simplifies
■ External air coupler – Allows air
system connection to lock without
removing covers.
■ Instant solenoid operation –
Dependable, continuous-duty
pneumatic solenoid.
■ Automatic deadlocking – When the
latchbolt is extended, it automatically
deadlocks on closure.
■ Full 3/4″ bolt throw – Projects 1/4″
when retracted.
■ Mechanical unlocking by key –
During power failure, or any time the
lock unlocks by use of prison
paracentric key. Latchbolt remains
retracted until relocked by key.
■ High security – 6-tumbler model
offers greater pick resistance.
■ Indication switch – A lock status
indication switch which monitors the
extension of the latch bolt and the
deadlocked condition is included.
■ Rugged construction – Case and
cover are 7 gauge steel.
■ Solid steel latchbolt – Latchbolt is
zinc plated steel, concealed pins resist
■ Deadlock actuator – Roller-type, zinc
plated steel, adjustable for variations
in door-to-jamb clearance.
■ Finish – Zinc plated.

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Series 51P Deadlatches are levertumbler,
pneumatically-operated locks
for swinging doors. Specify keying as
52P Five-tumbler lock,
keyed cover side.
52P-6 Six-tumbler lock,
keyed cover side.
56P Five-tumbler lock,
keyed both sides.
56P-6 Six-tumbler lock,
keyed both sides.
Standard (1): When connected to a
momentary-contact switch, the latchbolt
retracts when the pneumatic solenoid is
energized. Once retracted, the latchbolt
is held mechanically retracted until the
door is opened. The latchbolt extends
when the door is open.
Standard (1a): When connected to a
maintained-contact switch, the latchbolt
retracts when the pneumatic solenoid is
energized. Once retracted, it is held
electrically retracted for an extended
period of time. The latchbolt extends
only when the door is open and the
solenoid is de-energized.
No-notch (2): Latchbolt
extends when the switch
is selected to lock.
(No-notch feature, see
description on page B10.)
51P Deadlatches are designed for jambmounted
installation, and provide
maximum security for heavily-used cell,
corridor, or entrance doors. They
provide the convenience of slamlocking
with remote unlocking

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Folger Adam


■ Case and cover – 7 gauge steel.
■ Latchbolt – Solid steel, with
hardened steel roller pins.
■ Deadlock actuator – Zinc plated
steel, roller-type.
■ Lever tumblers – spring-temper
brass, activated by heavy
phosphor-bronze springs.
■ Key cylinder – One-piece,
bronze alloy with paracentric
■ Bolt size – 2″ x 3/4″.
■ Bolt throw – 3/4″

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Electrical Characteristics

■ Pneumatic solenoid voltage –
24VDC with 5.4 watts power
consumption; 2.4 watts on MARS
■ Indication switch – SPDT, UL

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