800 Gate Locks Electro-Mechanical Locks

Standard Features_______
■ Solenoid actuated – 120 VAC, 60hz,
continuous-duty type.
■ Unlocking by prison paracentric key
in case of power failure or for local
control. When unlocked by key,
deadbolt remains retracted until
relocked by key.
■ Deadlocks automatically –
When gate is closed.
■ Adjustable mounting and locking
tongue – Fits fence posts between
2-3/8″ and 8-5/8″ diameter; gate
posts between 1-5/16″ and 4-1/2″
■ Push-in type terminal strip – For
easy field wiring.
■ Case and cover – 7-gauge steel
■ Corrosion resistant working parts
■ Stainless steel deadbolt –
3/4″ diameter
■ Hardened-steel deadlock lever
■ Tumbler options – Choice of five or
six tumbler models. Six tumbler
model offers greater pick resistance.
Tumblers are made of spring-temper
brass and activated by heavy,
phosphor-bronze springs.
■ One-piece key cylinder – Investmentcast,
bronze alloy with paracentric
keyway. (Paracentric, lever tumbler
keys must be purchased separately.)
■ Tamper resistant screws for
attaching cover.
■ Finish – Zinc plated.
■ Mounting hardware – Supplied with
mounting brackets, locking tongue
and mounting screws.
■ Indication switch – A lock status
switch monitors the deadbolt and its
deadlocked condition.

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Series 800 Deadlatches are lever
tumbler, solenoid operated locks for
swinging or sliding chain-link fence
gates. Specify keying as follows:
For Swinging Gates:
802ES-L Keyed cover side
806ES-L Keyed both sides
For Sliding Gates:
802ER-L Keyed cover side
806ER-L Keyed both sides
This lock is electrically operated for
unlocking. The deadbolt retracts when
solenoid is energized. Once retracted,
deadbolt is held electrically retracted
until gate is closed. Deadbolt extends
automatically in case of power failure.
Emergency mechanical operation by
paracentric key.
For use on sliding or swinging chain-link
fence gates. Provide automatic
deadlocking with flexibility of remote
The 800 Series Electric Gate locks have
been electrically tested for over
1,000,000 operating cycles

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■ Case and cover – 7 gauge steel.
■ Finish – Zinc plated.
■ Working parts – Zinc plated steel.
■ Springs – Stainless Steel.
■ Deadbolt size – 3/4″ diameter.

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Electrical Characteristics

■ Actuator – Continuous-duty
■ Voltage – 120VAC, 60HZ, 13
amps inrush, .75 amps seated.
220VAC, 60HZ, 6.5 amps inrush,
0.3 amps seated.
■ Indication switch(es) – SPDT, UL
■ Ratings – 15 amps @ 125 or
250 VAC.

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