Affinity® Smart Card Locks

Affinity® Smart Card Locks combine the latest RFID technology with a flexible electronic lock system, perfect for multi-family, apartment, or condominium housing. Designed with ease of use and resident security in mind, Yale brings contactless identification electronic locking to the multi-family housing market.

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Benefits & Features

  • Higher security for residents: Eliminates issues commonly associated with mechanical masterkeyed locks.
  • Worry-free technology: Unique ID protection technology prevents cloning of cards, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized credential duplication.
  • Powerful audit capabilities: With a time-stamped audit trail, management can quickly and easily identify which cards have been used to access at the door.
  • Convenient security for amenities & special use areas: Prevents unauthorized use of exclusive amenities such as fitness, pool and spa areas, meeting rooms and storage facilities.
  • Credential options for ease of use: Contactless key cards offer ease of use for individuals of all ages and abilities.
  • Robust construction: Strong and reliable mechanical platform combined with sealed electronic components to provide better performance even on exterior applications.
  • Access to current and future technology: Offers multiple technology standards in one electronic lock and provides access to next generation technologies.

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