Besam SW200i-IG – In Ground Operator

The Besam SW200i-IG provides reliable in ground mounting provided as a complete and reliable system: the powerful Besam SW200i operator, moisture resistant enclosure and adaptability to multiple arm systems to provide you with the upmost in flexibility.



Besam SW200i-IG in ground swing door operator – superior performance

Whether you are designing a modern, architectural masterpiece or preserving the historical integrity of a building, in ground mounting provides an ideal way to automate doorways without compromising the integrity of your design.

The Besam SW200i-IG in ground swing door operator is designed to provide a complete system with an in ground enclosure, operator and arm adapter. The enclosure is water resistant and powder coated to prevent corrosion. The adaptability to multiple arm configurations allows great flexibility for integration with your design.

The Besam SW200i-IG utilizes the proven and powerful Besam SW200i operator, offering superior performance to accommodate heavy doors and high traffic flow. The Besam SW200i’s exclusive air pressure management system makes it the perfect solution for exterior applications where wind conditions might occur.

Safety compliance

The Besam SW200i-IG in ground swing door operator complies with ANSI A156.10 and ANSI A156.19


Unique ref.:SW200i-IG
Brand:Besam-North America
Product family:Swing
Product group:In-ground
Date of publishing:2015-02-23
Edition number:1
Type:Object (single object)


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