Unit unlocks, opens and locks open; or
unlocks, closes and deadlocks closed a
corridor door. A door stopped in midtravel
may be opened or closed
manually. Direction of movement of a
door may be reversed electrically. In
event of blockage, a torque limiter slips
to prevent motor damage. When
obstruction is removed, the door will
automatically continue movement to the
open or closed position. Pressure
exerted by a door in travel is factory-set
to approximately 40 pounds.
Individual doors may be manually
unlocked at the door.

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D2B.3 Operators are high security
locking and operating systems for
individual sliding doors with a maximum
weight not exceeding 450 pounds.
D2B.3 Operators should be specified for
security entrances, safety vestibules,
corridor doors, or sallyports where
remote electric control and chain drive
are desirable.

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