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Unit unlocks, opens and locks open; or
unlocks, closes and deadlocks closed a
corridor door.
A door stopped in mid-travel may be
opened or closed manually.
Direction of movement of a door may
be reversed electrically.
In event of blockage, a torque limiter
slips to prevent motor damage. When
obstruction is removed, the door will
automatically continue movement
toward the open or closed position.
Pressure exerted by a door in travel is
factory set to approximately 40 pounds.
In event of power failure, door may be
released from a column at the door
location by use of a paracentric key. The
door may then be moved manually to
an open position.
NOTE: The same key will operate the door
electrically under normal conditions.

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Type D5B Operators are high security,
motorized locking and operating
mechanisms for individual sliding doors
not exceeding 450 pounds.
D5B Operators may be specified for use
in safety vestibules, corridors, or
entrances requiring both remote and
local control, together with reliable
chain drive. Recommended for highusage
entryways or corridors.

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Folger Adam

Locking System

Doors automatically deadlock at two
points at the rear of the door. Locking
components are fully concealed, and
not subject to inmate tampering.
Local mechanical/electrical control of
the door is accomplished by an 80
Series lock in an adjacent column.

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D5B Operators have been in service
since 1978, and tested to 500,000

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Standard Features

■ Motor voltage – 120 VAC.
■ Rugged chain drive – Roller chain
provides sure action of the door
under a variety of conditions and
installation variables.
■ Heavy duty construction – D5B
Operators are ruggedly built for the
detention environment.
■ Tamper-resistance – Openings in
housings are baffled to preclude
inmate tampering.
■ Adjustable torque limiter – Absorbs
start-up and closing shocks by
isolating motor. Allows pressure
exerted by the motor to be set to the
needs of an individual door.
Adjustment is provided to
compensate for various sizes and
weights of doors.
■ Sloped-top housing – Resists hiding
of contraband.
Flat-top housing is provided where
unit must install close to ceiling.
■ Automatic locking – Doors
automatically lock at two points.
■ Indication switch – Monitors
deadlocked condition of both locking
■ Remote, electric unlocking – Each
door is controlled by a three-position
■ Local electric key operation – Use of
a paracentric key at the door column
activates an electrical circuit opening
the door. Turning the key one-quarter
turn to the right opens the door;
returning the key to center position
closes the door.
■ Emergency mechanical unlocking –
In event of power failure, prison
paracentric key unlocks the door with
a full 180° turn. Door is then moved

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Optional Features

■ Interlocking – Wiring and adaptations
may be made to permit interlocking
of two or more doors in a sallyport or
vestibule application. Prevents electric
operation of any other interlocked
■ G90 galvanized finish available.

■ Custom graphic consoles – In many
cases, corridor operators are merely
one part of a complete security
system. For larger installations, or
those with particular needs, custombuilt
consoles may be easily provided
with floor plan graphics screened on
the control panel, and an array of
specialized features.

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■ Drive system –
Type: Roller chain.
Motor: 120 VAC, 60 HZ, 1/10 HP.
Roller chain: #41 size.
Hanger and guides: 1/4″ thick
Rollers: Anti-friction ball bearings
with hardened members and
grease shield.
Roller studs: High alloy steel
with self-locking nut.
Finish: USP.
■ Mechanism housing/covers –
Housing: 7-gauge steel.
Housing cover: 10-gauge steel.
Vertical lock column housing: 7-
gauge steel.
Vertical lock column cover:
10-gauge steel.
Mechanical release column:
10-gauge steel
Finish: USP.

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