D9300 Electric MAXI-MORTISE

■ Fits ANSI door preparation –
Standardized installation in hollow
metal doors modified to
accommodate lock body thickness of
1-1/8″ and wiring requirements.
■ Door thickness – Doors must be
1-3/4″ to 2-1/2″ thick. Specify door
■ Armored front – 8″ x 1-1/4″ steel,
10 gauge.
■ High strength case and cover – 12-
gauge wrought steel, zinc chromated.
■ Corrosion-resistant working parts –
Internal working parts are stainless
steel or zinc chromated steel.
■ Durable hubs – Solid stainless steel
construction, on the square.
■ Spindle – 11/32″ cold drawn steel.
■ Latchbolt – 3/4″ throw solid stainless
■ Solenoid-actuated lockout – 24VDC
tubular, continuous-duty solenoid.
■ Latchbolt size – 11/16″ x 1-1/4″.
■ Reversible – Locks are field
reversible. Handing should be
specified upon ordering.
■ Key cylinder – Furnished with UL437
listed, high security Maxi-Mogul®
■ Screws – Tamper-resistant screws.
■ Tamper-resistance – All bolts,
including the auxiliary latchbolt, are
fully tunneled to help prevent
jamming of the mechanism with
foreign material.
■ Strike – Supplied with curved-lip
strike having 1-1/4″ lip length, and
dust box (see page A38 for details).
Buffed stainless steel only.
■ Finish – US32D.
■ Maxi-Mogul® key cylinder – Six pin
tumbler high security cylinder.


Series D9300 locks are pin tumbler
mortise locks with an electricallycontrolled
knob-lockout function for
swinging doors
Active knob(s) or lever handles may be
locked and unlocked from a remote
location. Latchbolt is retracted by either
the key cylinder or active knob/lever,
unless the knob/lever is locked out.
Available in fail-safe or non-fail-safe
operation with a variety of locking
An extra heavy duty mortise lock
for use on swinging doors in
minimum/medium security cell, or
public areas of detention facilities.
Available in a deadlocking latchbolt
style only
 Standards Compliance___
UL10B listed as Fire Door Accessory,
4 hour rating.
UL437 Listed Maxi-Mogul® Cylinders.
Tested to over 1,000,000 operations.

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Folger Adam

Cylinder Data

Maxi-Mogul® key cylinders – D9300
Series Mortise Locks are provided with
Maxi-Mogul® Key Cylinders, six pin
■ Cylinder collar – An adjustable
cylinder collar will be provided to suit
the cylinder length and door thickness
when both locks and cylinders are
ordered. If not specified, rings will be
for 1-3/4″ thick door.
Keys must be ordered separately.

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D9300 Series Locks are supplied with a
curved lip strike having a 1-1/4″ lip
length, for use with doors 1-3/4″ to 2″
thick. Buffed stainless steel finish only.
■ Strike with indication switch – For
electrical monitoring.
■ Strike box – Wrought steel, zinc
plated, reversible for installation with
flat or curved-lip strike.
■ Special lip lengths – Strikes are
installed on the same vertical
centerline as the lock. 1-1/4″ lip length
is standard. 1-1/2″ lip length is
optional for doors from 2-1/8″ to
2-1/2″ thick.

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