FGM-80 Deadlock Mechanical Locks

■ Mechanical operation – Locks and
unlocks by key. For key removal in
locked position only, specify single
wing escutcheon.
■ Durable construction – Ductile iron
case, 3/8″ thick steel cover.
■ Tamper resistant mounting –
Formed from 7 gauge steel with
break-off-head security screws.
■ Corrosion resistance – Working parts
are corrosion resistant.
■ Heavy duty lever tumblers – Springtemper
brass, activated by heavy
phosphor bronze springs. Precision fit
to the locking fence.
■ Large, solid deadbolt – Zinc plated
steel, 2″ x 3/4″ with three hardened
steel roller pins to resist sawing. Bolt
is flush with mounting when
■ Bolt throw – 3/4″
■ Investment-cast key cylinder –
One-piece, bronze alloy with
paracentric keyway.
■ Finish – All exposed lock components
and mounting hardware zinc plated
for exterior application.
■ Supplied – With front bar and
cylinder shield one or both sides,
and zinc plating.

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 Model FGM-80 Deadlock is a lever
tumbler, 80 Series mechanical lock for
swinging chain link fence gates. Specify
keying as follows:
FGM-82 Five tumbler model
keyed cover side
FGM-82-6 Six tumbler model,
keyed cover side
FGM-86 Five tumbler model,
keyed both sides
FGM-86-6 Six tumbler model,
keyed both sides
FGM-80 Deadlocks are designed for use
in outdoor applications to secure
swinging fence gates. Specify handing
when ordering.

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Folger Adam


(must be specified separately)
■ 80-4H – Fence gate lock keeper, zinc
plated finish.
■ Pull(s) – #2 Pulls may be added to
one or both sides of the mounting

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