Unit unlocks and opens or closes and
locks a single door from a set of remote
push buttons: OPEN-CLOSE-STOP.
The bi-parting G Operator is manually
locked or unlocked at the door by a
cremone bolt located in the gates. The
gates may then be operated from a
remote set of push buttons:
In event of emergency or power failure,
doors may be mechanically unlocked by
prison paracentric key and hand
cranked to open or closed position.
Gate movement may be stopped in
mid-travel and restarted in the desired
direction by pressing the appropriate
push button.
NOTE: When closed, it is impossible to move the
gate except by electrical or mechanical methods.



Type G Operators are maximum
security, motorized sliding gate
operators for single or double (biparting)
gates up to a maximum 24′
width. Single gates should not exceed
6,000 pounds, double gates should not
exceed 6,000 pounds total.
G Operators are applicable to any
exterior entrance for passenger vehicles
or trucks.

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Folger Adam

Locking System

Single Door Model: Secured by an 800
Series lock located in a column at the
front of the door. (See Electric Lock
Section for details.)
Bi-parting Door Model: Secured by
cremone bolts operated by prison
paracentric key. (See Mechanical Lock
Section for details.)

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G Operators have been function tested,
and in service since 1958.

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Standard Features

■ Motor voltage – 120/208 VAC.
■ Rugged chain drive – Provides
consistent action of the door under a
variety of conditions and installation
■ Heavy duty construction –
G Operators offer welded steel
construction and rugged components
for durability in exterior applications.
■ Self-supporting – Heavy columns and
beams combine to make the structure
■ Control station – Three push buttons
(OPEN-CLOSE-STOP) provide remote
operation. Red and green indicator
lights show open and closed
condition (respectively) of gates.
■ Interlock feature – Two or more
operators may be electrically
interlocked so that only one may be
unlocked and operated at a time.

■ Emergency mechanical operation –
In event of power failure unlocking
the column provides access to the
release mechanism. The door may
then be opened by hand crank.

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Optional Features

■ Custom graphic consoles – In many
cases, operators are merely one part
of a complete security system. For
these larger installations, or those with
particular needs, custom-built
consoles or touchscreen controls may
be easily provided with floor plan and
special feature graphics.

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■ Drive system –
Type: Roller chain.
Motor: 120/208 VAC, 60 HZ,
1-1/2 HP.
Roller chain: #60 size.
Trolley hangers: 3 ton capacity.
Locking column: 7-gauge steel
plate construction with swingingtype
door equipped with two #3
hinges, and secured by an 80
Series Deadlock.
■ Mechanism housing/covers –
Mechanism cover: 7-gauge steel
Housing: 7-gauge steel plate.
Gate guides: 5″ I-beam with forged
and welded steel guides.
Finish: USP except track, rollers
and drive mechanism.
Trolley track: 8″ I-beam x 23
Support beams: 6″ WF beam x
20 pounds.

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