The iMotion 2401 Sliding Door Drive

  • Perfectly suited for internal and external doors with high traffic levels, for example in airports, stations and supermarkets.
  • Ideal for spacious entrance areas with frequent door movement.
  • Certified for rescue and escape routes.
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The iMotion® 2401 is our most powerful sliding door drive. It generates outstanding performance with it’s powerful but gentle movements, even while working with the heaviest automatic door leaf. The iMotion® 2401 also fires the imagination of architects by removing many entrance and opening limitations; allowing them to create ultra-high, ultra-wide, inclined doors or special metal door leaves within their projects, thanks to this powerful sliding door drive.


  • The iMotion Generation: intelligent micro-processor control guarantees the permanent monitoring of door leaf movements
  • Integration of safety functions, e.g. protection of the main and secondary closing edges, individual settings of the touch sensitivity of the door
  • compact modular construction for simple maintenance
  • maximum door leaf weight (single leaf door): 240 kg
  • RoHS compliant
  • unique AC motor: Swiss made, long working life, extremely reliable and free from noise

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