Unit unlocks, opens; or closes and
deadlocks a gate electrically, from a
remote push button station. When
closed, it is impossible to move the gate
except by electrical or mechanical
Movement of a gate in either direction
may be stopped and re-started by
pressing the appropriate push button.
Mechanical movement of the gate is
accomplished by a hand crank in the
release column in the event of power
failure or emergency.



Type J Operator is a medium security
operating and locking system for
standard 14’H x 14’W chain link fence
gates. Units may be supplied for gates
to a maximum of 16’H x 30’W,
maximum weight, 1,000 pounds.
Medium security designation is applied
for chain-link fence construction
Type J Operators are applicable to
vehicular entryways for perimeter
control. Two or more operators may be
installed and interlocked to create
vehicular sallyports permitting a secure
location for inspection of vehicles and

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Folger Adam

Locking System

On closure, locking is accomplished by
means of a keyless locking device which
engages the gate at three locations in
the locking column. In the open
position, all openings in the locking
column are completely closed to
prevent tampering.

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Type J Operators have been in service
since 1955, and tested to 500,000

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Standard Features

■ Motor voltage – 208 VAC.
■ Rugged chain drive – Provides
consistent action of the gate under a
variety of conditions and installation
■ Heavy duty construction – Welded
steel construction coupled with
column and H-beam support assure
■ Tamper-resistance – Drive system is
self-contained, mechanism is enclosed
when the gate is open.
■ Adjustable friction clutch – Protects
the motor in the event of blockage. If
obstruction is not removed, power to
the motor is cut off. Adjustment is
provided to compensate for various
sizes and weights of gates.
■ Automatic deadlocking – Occurs
whenever the gate is closed
electrically or manually.
■ Three-point locking – Gate is locked
along leading edge in three locations
for security.
■ Weather-resistant construction –
Housings and covers are designed
specifically for exterior application.
■ Corrosion-resistant working parts –
Critical operating parts are made of
corrosion-resistant materials for

■ Emergency manual operation –
In event of power failure, hand crank
operation opens or closes the gate.
■ Interlocking – When two or more
operators are used, interlocking
feature allows electrical opening of
only one gate at a time.
■ Attachment points – Standard pipe
flanges atop the mechanism track
permit attachment of barbed wire.

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Optional Features

■ Operating voltage – 120 VAC, 60 HZ,
1 phase
■ Gate width – Operators may be
specified for gate sizes up to 16′ high
and 30′ wide.
■ Control station – Three push buttons
(OPEN-CLOSE-STOP) provide remote
operation. Red and green indicator
lights show open and closed
condition (respectively) of gates.
■ Custom graphic consoles – In many
cases, operators are merely one part
of a complete security system. For
these larger installations, or those with
particular needs, custom-built
consoles or touchscreen controls may
be easily provided with floor plan and
special feature graphics.

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■ Drive system –
Type: Roller chain.
Roller chain: #40 size.
Motor: 208 VAC, 60 HZ,
3 phase 1/3 HP.
Motor housing: 7-gauge steel.
Cover: 10-gauge steel.
Support structure: Two 8″ x 13.75″
steel channels.
Center and aft support columns:
4-1/2″ OD x 4″ ID.
Locking column: 4″ x 4″ x 13″
Emergency release column:
7-gauge steel, hinged access door
equipped with No. 12 Deadlock.
Finish: USP.

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