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NS400MCD Motor-Operated Deadbolt Electro-Mechanical Locks

■ 300 lb. rated side load motor
operation – Precludes jamming by
applying side pressure on the door.
■ Heavy-duty lock mechanism –
Designed to complement the high
torque motor. Corrosion-resistant
working parts tested over 1,000,000
■ Compact size – Specifically for hollow
metal frames with standard 2″ face.
■ Two-piece, twelve-pin plug
connector – Simplifies wiring, allows
pre-wiring of the lock opening.
■ Stainless steel strike – Furnished with
tamper-resistant screws.
■ Holdback switch – Does not allow
deadbolt to extend while door is
■ Mechanical unlocking by key –
Offers manual control at the door in
event of power failure, or at any other
■ Stainless steel deadbolt – 3/4″
throw, hardened to resist sawing.
■ Faceplate finish – US32D satin
stainless steel.
■ Indication switch – An internal switch
to monitor the positions of the
deadlock actuator. Signals deadlocked

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NS400MCD is a pin tumbler, twoposition
motor-operated deadbolt for
swinging doors. Specify builders
hardware cylinders and keying as
NS402MCD Keyed one side
NS406MCD Keyed both sides
Note: See optional features for either factory or
customer-supplied key cylinders. Model
NS400MCD, no cylinder supplied.
Locks or unlocks when motor is
energized by either a two or threeposition
maintained contact switch.
Once unlocked, the deadbolt remains
retracted until selected to lock. Opening
and closing the door have no effect on
the lock. Non-fail-safe only. Holdback
switch prevents the deadbolt from
extending while the door is open.
Deadbolt is deadlocked upon closure of
the door.
Specify for minimum/medium security
swinging cell or office areas of
institutions requiring deadbolt locks for
use in 2″ wide hollow metal jamb
 Standards Compliance___
■ UL1034 – Burglary-Resistant
■ ASTM F-1577 Grade 1 Impact

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Lock case – Investment-cast
stainless steel.
■ Deadbolt – Investment-cast
stainless steel hardened.
■ Deadbolt throw – 3/4″
■ Deadlock lever/operating lever
– Stainless steel.
■ Strike – Stainless steel stamping.

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Electrical Characteristics

■ Motor – High-torque,
permanently lubricated,
permanent magnet, planetary
gearmotor, UL Listed.
■ Voltage – 24VDC or 24VAC 0.12
running, 1.29 amps stalled.
■ Indication switch – SPDT, UL
■ Switch rating – 5 amp @ 125 or
250 VAC.

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