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Pemko 357_ Overlapping Astragal


Air Infiltration TestedAir Infiltration Tested

Fire Rated - UL10C - Positive PressureFire Rated – UL10C – Positive Pressure

Underwriters Laboratory 4L10Underwriters Laboratory 4L10


  • When installing pairs of fire doors care must be taken to maintain the requirements of NFPA 80.
  • Smoke ratings apply to SP and SS finishes (see 357 with S88).

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357C: C – Clear Anodized Aluminum

D - Dark Bronze357D: D – Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum

G - Gold357G: G – Gold Anodized Aluminum

Galvanized Steel357SP: Steel, Galvannealed

SS - See Part For Finish357SS: SS – See Part For Finish Stainless Steel

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