Profiler® Series 2000-IDS-2

Designed where a hospital anteroom is required, the automatic 2000-IDS-2 is in compliance with the 2014 FGI (Facilities Guidelines Institute) guidelines for Airborne Isolation Infection Rooms (AIIR).  Includes touchless sensor or push plate activation with automatic self-closing and positive latching.


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Smoke Rated Automatic Isolation DoorAlso, tested to ASTM E283-04 to meet negative, positive, or combination room pressure requirements.
 Single Full – Type 310 Trackless SO-SX or SX-SO  A10.30    
 Single Partial – Type 110 Track O-SX or SX-O  A10.30.1   
 Single Partial – Type 110 Track P-SX or SX-P  A10.30.2   

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