record S.M.A.R.T Panel – Self Monitored Accurate Reporting Technology

The next best thing to a talking door……The  S.M.A.R.T (Self Monitored Accurate Reporting Technology) panel tells you at a glance just what is happening with your door…

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  • Provides user with the phone number of the authorized service agent
  • Reminds you of your commitment in performing a daily safety check
  • Provides information regarding objects in track that may negatively impact the operation of the door
  • Displays current door setting in regard to traffic selection and egress
  • Indicates when a door has been accidentally broken out
  • Identifies if a safety beam has failed or been damaged
  • Notifies user of which part needs replacement due to failure or abuse


Tired of the guess work in an automatic door? Demand the 8100 SP series where the only guess work required is how much money you’ll be saving this month!

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