Access Control Frequently Asked Questions

What is Access Control?

Access control is the ability to decide WHO, WHEN and WHERE someone can enter your premises.  The online systems have the ability for you to view a report of where people have been.

Where can Access Control be used?

Access control can be used on just one door or all entry points.  Installing access control on your main entrance door allows staff to enter without the need for issuing keys.

What types of Access Control systems are there?

There are Online access control systems which are connected to a computer that runs the system and there are Offline access control systems that do not require a computer.

How are the entrances controlled?

The access control system will be connected to an electronic lock.  The system will then tell the lock when to open.  This may be when a valid card is presented or it may be all day between specified opening hours.

What happens if a token is lost?

All tokens are individually coded.  This means that cards can easily be deleted if lost without affecting any other cards.

What is a biometric reader?

A biometric reader will allow the system to identify a person without the need for a card or fob.  This may be using a fingerprint or the iris recognition systems you now see at airports.

What is a ‘hands free’ system?

A hands-free access control system allows the system to register a person as they approach the door.  This means it is not necessary to present a fob or a card to a reader as the reader can pick up the presence of a fob or a card in a pocket or inside a vehicle.  This is particularly useful for people carrying items or vehicular traffic at gates.