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Automatic Telescopic Doors

Automatic telescopic doors are popular at building with very high foot traffic.  The telescopic door gives you a solution to a specific issue.  Many different types of building and companies are using the automatic telescopic door.  The automatic telescopic door offers you a sophisticated, stylish, and smart solution to an entry system for your building or company.

Automated doors make a statement that your company is professional and established.  Also, providing visitors to your company and building easy access and access that does not fall short of the Disability Discrimination Act provides the proper impression of your company.

You may think that your premises are too small for an automatic sliding door, but despite the size, you are still required to provide access to trolleys, wheelchairs and lots of foot traffic.  Automatic telescopic doors give you the perfect solution to providing access to your building or business.  Especially when space is limited, automatic telescopic doors are your answer.

Automatic Telescopic Doors

Automatic telescopic doors give you’re the option of designing them as one or two leaf models. The technology involved with these doors gives you a long-term, convenient and low-noise solution for access.

Advantages of using automatic telescopic doors

Automatic telescopic doors are used when space is limited or where other sliding doors are not an option for use.  The automatic telescopic doors are available in single direction or bi-parting doors and have all the advantages of all other sliding door systems.

The key benefits of an automatic telescopic door are as follows:

  • Can be used in most buildings and entrance spaces
  • Controlled via a microprocessor
  • Reliability
  • Minimal energy usage
  • Running cost of minimal
  • Easy to use
  • Available in a variety of designed sizes and finishes
  • Perfect for secures areas need access control and locking systems

The frame of the automatic telescopic door has rugged stability.  The principle function of the door makes sure that huge passages have controlled access.  The glass panels are double glazed to ensure maximum safety.  Any installed automatic door system needs to meet stringent safety and health standards.

The safety features of the automatic telescopic door include the following:

  • A rigid and strong frame system for ultimate stability
  • Lessens the need for big space requirements due to the telescopic technology
  • Options of with or without sidelights are available
  • Floor-integrated guide tracks are available but not necessary
  • Double glazed glass door panels

It is always best practice to have your automatic telescopic doors designed, manufactured and installed by the same company.  This way you are always guaranteed of the quality and companies that manufacture and install usually have maintenance plans and warranties attached to their products.  Also, a full-service automatic door company is backed by years of experience and knowledge to give you the best possible product to suit your needs.

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