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Automatic Bi Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are just that: two doors that fold in half to open and close for people to come in. Triggered by sensors to open up, these doors are popular in various buildings such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and airports. These type of doors are important because of its presentation to others. They are very classy, give an aura of professionalism, and presents others a style of credibility and trust in what they do. It is an impression that needs to stick the landing for it be elegant looking to visitors.

Automatic Bi Folding Doors

Besides the thought of being presentable, bi-folding doors also helps in creating space for large groups of people to go through at all times. It is preferential in hallways which are narrow such as in airports where passengers walk through after disembarking and making their way out towards customs and luggage claim. They are versatile, can be easily installed into many fronts, and be fitted in a fixed or lined style. Automatic bi-folding doors are so simple in putting up that any changes to the building won’t be anything and they are inexpensive.

Want to buy automatic bi-folding doors? Consider the Best Brothers Group (BBG).

They are independent and use the tool and accessories from different major manufacturers to produce the best looking automatic bi-folding doors. At BBG, they make and install their doors to be finished and polished to perfection to challenge other sellers of automatic doors in multiple buildings.BBG works on everything in accordance with the building’s demands and gives out the best quality and service. They can plan it out, work with clients on the specifications and design, and install the auto bi-folding doors without complication and within the standards of that building and safety codes. BBG has multiple options for automatic doors to placed in different areas besides serving as the front door, as well as have lock monitoring functions.

BBG works with all buildings, so contact them for more information about how they can get automatic bi-folding doors. BBG provides free consultations including studies of the building and showcase to all of their doors that can fit. Everyone in the Toronto area is invited to call and get an upgrade to their doors for the whole public to walk through.

BBG offer free site visit with estimate for all installations of automatic doors. For more information, give us a call on 1-888-224-8688, or contact us via our online form.