Best Brothers Group Token System

token system is a behavior modification designed to increase desirable behavior and decrease undesirable behavior with the use of tokens. Individuals receive tokens immediately after displaying desirable behavior. The tokens are collected and later exchanged for a meaningful object or privilege.

Best Brothers Group Token System
Package#1Package#2Package#3 (Hot Buy)Package#4
50 BBGs Tokens100 BBGs Tokens200 BBGs Tokens500 BBGs Tokens
N/AIncludes 05 complimentary BBGs TokensIncludes 10 complimentary BBGs TokensIncludes 50 complimentary BBGs Tokens

Token System (Utility)

  • Pick name and set rules
  • Acceptance to get paid for products and service rather than cash and credit cards
  • Rewards for loyalty
  • Incentives for contributing content, data or even computing powers
  • Unifies company’s relationships with customers
  • Equivalent to loyalty-point programs
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Loyalty Program
How it works:
  • Earn reward points based on purchases
  • Accumulate the points over time
  • Exchange these points for goods or services at a later date
Before Signing Up
  • What you need to do to earn points
  • What you can use them for
  • Any limits or conditions (blackout periods when you cannot use your points or require you to stay active in the program)

January 1 2018 NEW RULES

  • January 1 2018, stoppage of reward points expiration based only on the amount of time that has passed since they were earned
Cases your reward points may still expire including if:
  • Can only expire if company closes account of member when they are inactive (has to be stated in agreement)
  • Program issues a voucher as a reward (discount), it is considered a gift card and cannot expire
  • Reward points can’t be redeemed for any single item over $50