Brantford Automatic Handsfree Door Opener

Touchless Buttons Introduced in the latest Automatic Door Package

Automatic doors are excellent examples of naturally touchless entrance solutions, using advanced approach and safety sensors to begin moving without the need to touch the door’s surface. However, contact was previously still required when function such as enabling the disabled (slow) mode or the free-out for secured passage mode.

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Replacing Common Push-Buttons

The new touchless package replaces existing push-buttons with infrared sensors that can detect the presence of hands and objects at a close range of ca 12 cm. A simple wave of the user’s hand is enough to activate the necessary door function and feedback is given to the user via a LED ring.

The solution is ideal for automatic doors in the most vulnerable segments such as hospitals, elderly homes and large residential buildings.

Working Principle

The working principle of the touchless buttons is simple, and the LED ring colour is configurable (red/green) to suit different applications. From a user interaction standpoint, we advise using a permanently lit green LED in the rest position and blinking after activation. A hand-waving symbol was added to the bezel to indicate that it is a touchless operation.

Below are no contact door sensor options that are more commonly used in commercial settings but can be adapted to use in homes if required.

No Contact Automatic Door Applications

The touchless package consists of premium quality buttons with clear symbols (as shown above), connectors and a sticker with the International Accessibility symbol.

BBG Security touchless packages update the technology of your entry, and the touchless buttons are available now through your local Entry Expert.

Today BBG a new touchless button touchless package suitable for all their automated touchless door models. With the Coronavirus having a lasting impact on the behaviour of people interacting with products in public environments, and the emphasis on health and safety – there is a responsibility to cater to these changing global demands.

BEA Magic Switch

While these are the most common applications and industries, touchless automated doors should be considered by all businesses. Show your customers, visitors and long-term clients that your business understands and respects their right to a safe and hygienic experience when visiting your premises.

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At Best Brothers Group we are specialists in the supply and installation of all types of automatic doors, our experienced engineers are happy to comply with the most challenging of scenarios to meet your needs. We can also offer a full maintenance and service package.

We offer a full out of hours service to repair or secure doors on sites across Brantford area.

For further information on what automatic hands free door opener would work best in your business or home contact us today.

BBG supply and install automatic no contact door openers in Toronto, Brantford, Mississauga, and NewMarket and GTA and all regional areas of Ontario.