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Automatic Door – 5 Reasons You Need Touchless Entry Door Systems

An Automatic Door has become an important asset in businesses and homes. There are a number of reasons why you need a touchless automatic door system in your home and business.

5 Reasons You A Need Touchless Automatic Door System

  1. Hygiene 
  2. Safety
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Design Aesthetic
  5. Disability Access


Touchless door entry systems are an obvious way to stop the spread of germs and viruses. Installing automatic touchless doors has become a priority for businesses worldwide with the spread of Coronavirus. Automatic doors can be opened by automatic sensors that activate and open the doors on approach. They can also be activated by handsfree wave sensors. These sensors are mounted to the wall and detect hand movements. They are commonly used on Automatic Swing Doors. While it may be cheaper to use hand sanitiser when people are entering and exiting buildings it can not be certain that all people actually comply. Installing automatic door openers ensures that people are not touching unhygienic door handles and spreading germs and viruses.

2.Safety and Security

Automatic Doors are a safer way for people to enter and exit buildings . In a commercial setting automatic sliding doors allow people to enter a building without using their hands. While this is safer hygienically, it is also safer for people with prams, the elderly and those with mobility restrictions. Automatic swing doors can be automated with a safety sensor that activates if anyone is in the line of the door .This safety feature ensures that people are not hit by the door if they are in the way when it opens. Automatic doors can also be activated to automatically lock when programmed for added security and safety.

3.Energy Efficiency

An automatic door helps keep the heat and cold within a building. In summer the opening and closing of doors automatically ensures that the air conditioning system does not over work and the air is contained within the building. This is also true of heating. Automatic Door Openers have an innovative energy saving system that notices when a person is truly entering or exiting a building . It does not continually open and close. They have been certified and are leading the way in European energy efficiency for automatic doors. While it may not be obvious the energy savings from installing touchless automatic doors can be significant.

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4.Design Aesthetic

Have you noticed when you enter a building now and you have to open a door yourself it gives you a certain impression of the business? This is even further cemented now with the spread of COVID 19. People don’t want to touch doors. Installing an automatic door at your business shows customers and visitors that you have thought about hygiene and the practicalities of opening and closing doors in public spaces. Automatic doors at the entrance to businesses also gives an element of prestige and helps to keep a modern design aesthetic to your building.

5.Disability Access

It is a legal requirement that all businesses in Australia provide safe access to their building for people with disabilities. This often means installing touchless automatic doors at the entry to your building. Automatic doors are also seen on disabled washroom doors to ensure easy entry and exit from washroom cubicles.

We are often asked if automatic wave sensors can be installed on disabled washroom doors. Currently Canadian building standards do not give the option of using touchless sensors . Building code currently stipulates that the doors must be opened by push buttons that comply with the Canadian Standards. Hopefully in time the standards will be updated to consider the technology and the need to stop the transmission of germs and viruses.

Automatic doors can also be installed in the homes of the elderly and disabled to help with safe entry and exit at home. With the introduction of the AODA auto doors can sometimes be funded through AODA home modifications in plans. Contact us for more information on retrofitting automatic doors in homes as there are a number of factors to consider as discussed here.

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