Touchless Door Systems Mississauga

Touchless Door Systems Mississauga

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How can Touch-less Door and keyless entry systems be implemented in your building? Now more than ever, there is a focus on the transfer of germs and bacteria through common surfaces and how we reduce the effects of this.

Door handles are a hotspot for bacteria, especially in public areas, due to the inevitable frequent use, meaning bacteria is spread easily. Several studies have been conducted by many universities and biomedical research centers into the types of bacteria found and the consequential effect on people’s health.

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For example, flu viruses can have the potential to last up to 24 hours on door handles. There are a lot of contributing factors to this bacterial growth and spread including the materials the handle is made from, the location of the door (e.g. public Washroom), the frequency of use and the temperature and humidity. Bacteria can thrive anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

Door handles located in areas with high risk uses such as the elderly or people with autoimmune disorders should be cleaned regularly but the most effective way of preventing the spread of direct contact diseases is to eliminate the need to touch these common surfaces as much as possible and we can do this by automating new or existing doors.

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Utilizing the latest in Non-Touch Microwave Technology BBG Automatic Door offer touchless door activation switches designed for applications where hygiene is paramount. The adjustable range and versatile mounting options make this a great option across many applications including:

  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals and Doctors Surgeries
  • Care Homes
  • Food Processing
  • Cleans Rooms
  • Communal Washroom
  • Offices
  • Public buildings
  • Factories

BBG Automatic Door offer a comprehensive range of products that can be retrospectively installed to existing automatic doors allowing them to be completely touchless. Unfortunately, conventional stainless-steel push pads can harvest as many germs and bacterial as door handles. By changing the old-style push pad for a new touchless pad, we can reduce the risk of the transfer of bacteria. The touchless switch is compatible with all automatic door operators making this a very cost-effective upgrade. There is also the option to change the function of door system to fully auto removing the push pad completely and replacing with an activation sensor. BBG will always strive to provide the best possible bespoke solution for the environment of the automatic door along with the end users’ needs.

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Low energy internal swing operator is a cost-effective solution that can be retrospectively installed on nearly all existing internal doors with minimal disruption or fuss. This can be installed along with touchless push pads or motion detecting microwave sensors to eliminate the common surface of the door handle.

The automatic door operator can operate as low energy and is also fully compatible with monitored on door safety sensors ensuring the door systems are fully compliant with the regulations. It can also be connected to a number of electric locks (mag lock, strike lock etc) making it a great option for care homes where security is also paramount. The operator does not only offer great functionality but with its sleek design the unit comes in at making it also aesthetically pleasing to suit all environments. With a maximum power consumption of 100W it is also an energy efficient solution to improve both accessibility and hygiene.