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Automatic Balanced Doors

Should you not have the luxury of space to accommodate a sliding or telescopic door, your solution is the automatic balanced doors.  Automatic balanced doors provide the perfect solution to your space problems at your entrance way.

Every business premises and a building is legally required to provide safe and easy access to all foot traffic.  According to the DisabilityDiscriminationAct, business and the owners of a building must consider all aspects of access to provide ease of movement in and out the building.  An automated system will ensure that your business and premises provides the correct impression to customers and visitors, as well as ensure that you adhere to all legal and health and safety requirements.  Automated doors will ensure that everyone who has mobility difficulties, such as people in wheelchairs or people with crutches can easily gain access to your premises.

Automatic Balanced Doors

Across the globe, automatic doors are becoming a standard feature in most buildings.  However, there ismuch consideration to take into account before you decide on an automatic door.  The considerations such as space, safety,and legal requirements.

Automatic balanced doors are used in specific circumstances such as abuilding that has to deal with windy conditions.  The doors are designed in such a way that the interior and exterior air pressure helps to open the doors.  The forces, such as wind are balancedon either side of the pivot.  The balance in these doors means that no force is necessary to open the door and the door movement is controlled.

The advantages of installing an automatic balanced door

Other than space limitations and solving these issues, an automatic balanced door has various advantages.  The balanced door is designed to allow for ease of opening or closing the door; you will not need to use force to get the door moving.  Businesses with lots of foot traffic, or businesses that have clients that usually cart around huge bags or luggage often use the automatic balanced doors.  You will find the balanced door on storefronts or airports.

Due to the design, you can open the balanced door with ease no matter the size of the door.  From the largest and heaviest door can easily be opened in any weather condition.  The automatic balanced door allows businesses to increase security without compromising on ease of access to the premises.

It is always advisable to have a single company plan, design, manufacture and install your automatic balance door.  This way, you are guaranteed of quality and to meet all safety and health requirements.  A single manufacturer and installer will ensure that your every need is met.  Also, most companies that install and manufacture automatic doors will issue warranties and maintenance contracts with the doors.

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