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Parkwoods Village surveillance cameras Residential Archives

Residential Project Archives New York Residences Upgrade Security with More Surveillance Cameras Multiple residential buildings in Toronto have undertaken stricter security measures to deter criminals, ward off loiterers, and monitor doormen. As reported by the The Star - Toronto Star, more surveillance cameras are being installed in lobby rooms and on the outside of these [...]

Security Camera System for Brose in Canada

Security Surveillance Camera Proposal Brose Canada Inc. 1500 Max Brose Drive London, Ontario N6P 1P7 Based on the site visit observation performed on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018, BBG Security has prepared this Security Surveillance Camera Proposal for the potential project for Brose Canada Inc. at the facility in London, Ontario at the address of 1500 [...]

Automatic Doors and Universal Washrooms Project for Ripe Juicery

Ripe Juicery is an up-and-coming drink bar that caters to the health-conscious population. Based out in the hometown of Barrie, they serve nutritious plant-based drinks that are handcrafted with natural, organic foods meant to cleanse the body from toxins. One of the founders, Lindsay Haley reached out to us about opening their new location and [...]

Donate and install a Ditec HA8-SP door operator to Markham Stouffville Hospital

In collaboration with the Government of Ontario’s enforcement of the Accessibility for Ontarians Disability Act 2005 (AODA), we will like to donate and install a Ditec HA8-SP door operator to Markham Stouffville Hospital. The purpose of this donation is not only to support community hospitals but to also help and benefit those who are part […]

Universal Washrooms Project for Corner Stone Christian Community Church

Located in the Markham area lies a religious sanctuary for believers. Often times when people face adversity, they may turn to an accepting community for support. The Corner Stone Christian Community Church (CSCCC) is one of those communities that restores faith and hope to those suffering. Obviously, you do not need to be suffering to […]

Universal Washroom Project for IDA Pharmacy

Universal Washroom Project for IDA Pharmacy Our healthcare system has become increasingly more refined that people are able to live double the life-time compared to back then. Even though we are able to enjoy our life a lot longer, our bodies are not as capable as we age. Simple task such as going to the […]

Security Camera Projects for Premier Poly Product

Premier Poly Products (PPP) have been creating high quality poly films and bags in Canada for a number of years and have an established reputation in their field. Very recently they came to us because they had decided their security systems were lacking. As with so many companies at the moment, when it comes to […]

Security Camera Project for Durham Pallet Services

Durham Pallet Services (DPS) was established in the fall of 2001 operating out of 22,000sqf warehouse in Whitby, Ontario with only 3 employees. By the beginning of 2018 they occupied over double the original warehouse space with over 60 employees. They are currently one of the largest pallet facility in the Durham region. With this […]

Automatic Doors Project for Tim Hortons

Recently we were approached by Tim Hortons, one of the largest Canadian-based multinational fast food restaurant for coffee and donuts. They needed our professional team’s knowledge and experience to install automatic doors for their washrooms. As you know, a place as well-known as Tim Hortons attracts hundreds of different people a day, especially when there […]

Automatic Doors Project for Shelter Canadian Properties Limited

Shelter Canadian Properties Limited is a company who offer services such as property management and property investment. Not too long ago we received a phone call from SCPL regarding our services, they wanted to have a technician sent out the day of. They were experiencing technical issues with their front and back entrance automatic doors. […]

Automatic Doors for NXT Condo Project

Within the city of Toronto, Ontario, you may have encountered or heard of NXT Condominiums. These stunning buildings are created by the popular Cresford Developments Corporation, a company known for their luxurious sense of style. While the interior furnishing throughout the place are provided by Fendi Casa, reflective of the brand’s high-style, high-fashion Italian heritage. […]

Automatic Doors Project for McDonalds

One of the world’s most successful fast-food restaurant chain approached us for a service call. It is a place where smiles can be found everywhere and holds a special spot in our hearts, McDonalds. The location that contacted us needed our assistance in providing a solution to their problematic entrance door. Whether it is inside […]

Automatic Doors Project for Investors Group

One of the most affluential financial company called Investors Group requested our assistance for installing automatic doors. Founded in 1926, Investors Group is a Canadian-based company that help change lives for the better by offering financial management advice. The purpose of their call was to make the life of one of their employee better. In […]

Automatic Doors and Washroom Doors Project for Arby’s

Recently we were approached by Arby’s, an American quick-service fast-food sandwich restaurant chain. They are opening a new location within the Toronto GTA and wanted our assistance on automatic doors. The facility manager wanted to entrust the work to us because he had heard about our reliable and affordable pricing, not to mention our qualified […]

Access Control Project for SNL Techlink

With technology advancing so fast, sometimes it is hard to find the time to stay updated of all the new information, products, and software out there. Sometimes companies encounter problems that are either very complicated or time consuming. That is why companies find Best Brothers Group; so that their company can spend the time focused […]

Automatic Doors Project for Colliers Property Management

We anonymously received a phone call from Colliers Property Management (CPM), Toronto’s top-ranked commercial real estate firm, about installing automatic doors. They briefly spoke about what needed to be done and scheduled an appointment for a site visit. Right off the start, the representative for Colliers appreciated our professional and timely attendance for the site […]

Automatic Doors Project for CICS

Recently we were approached by Centre for Immigration and Community Services (CISC), a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting immigrant’s integration into the community. The CISC location that contacted us was having problems with their main entrance automatic door. We responded immediately and sent our consultant for the service call. Within two hours our consultant arrived [...]

Access Control Project for Peel Police Headquarters

Access Control Project for Peel Police Headquarters One of the most memorable and significant project we have accomplished thus far was with Peel Regional Police Corporate Headquarters located at their new address in Mississauga, Ontario. Usually they serve to protect us but, this time they needed our services to protect them. The Peel Regional Police [...]

Automatic Swing Doors Projects for Costco

As you know, a place as vast as Costco gets more foot traffic than your average retail space. The Costco which contacted us operate in a busy city and can turn over thousands in dollars in a day… so as you can imagine there are people everywhere at all times… We were contacted regarding their entrance way system, how secure it was and how heavy and clunky the old doors seemed to be.

Automatic Doors & Security cameras for Canada Computers

Canada Computers & Electronics is a retailer of personal computers, IT and components, as well as consumer electronics. Over its 25-year history, they continue to provide customers with the best products at the best value that the computer retail world can offer. The purpose of their call was to make the life of one of their customer Convenience of Shopping. […]