Burlington Automatic Handsfree Door Opener

Non-Contact Infrared Door Exit Switch

This infrared sensor can replace the old push button switch on automatic exit doors so that they will open with just a wave of your hand. The sensor will trigger an internal relay when your open hand comes within 100mm of the panel. No actual contact is required so there can be no transfer of contagions from one person to the next. The sensor is mounted on a stainless steel plate and has indicator LEDs built in to signal that the switch has been activated.
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The Automatic Toilet Door System now with Touchless/Contactless Activation switches to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, the system comprises Operator, Push/Pull Arm, Safety Sensors, Finger-guard, Signs and the failsafe magnetic locking system in one simple and easy to install kit.

The Disabled person’s washroom door system can easily be integrated into an existing or new swing door and delivers a comfortable and easy to use solution, whilst providing compliance with Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

Operation is by two contactless Sensors that control the entry cycle by automatically opening and then locking the door and the exit cycle by unlocking and opening the door at the appropriate times interfacing with both the automatic door operator and an electromechanical locking device. An emergency override touchless is also included in the kit.

Below are no contact door sensor options that are more commonly used in commercial settings but can be adapted to use in homes if required.

How it works:

1 – Entry
Wave your hand in front of the entry sensor on the outside of the toilet. The Operator will automatically open the door to provide access.

2 – Lock
Wave your hand in front of the Red sensor on the inside to close and lock the door. To confirm the door is locked, the indicators on both Sensors will flash showing the toilet is engaged and inhibiting the entry sensor.

3 – Exit
Wave your hand in front of the Green sensor on the inside and the indicator stops flashing. The door will unlock and the A951 Operator will automatically open the door. The entry sensor on the outside will stop flashing and becomes operable once again to provide access for the next user.

BEA Magic Switch

Eliminate the risk pf cross-contamination through a notorious hotspot for bacteria and viruses: The door handle.

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