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Advanced Touchless Automated Door Sensors

For new or existing entries where a manual button is required to be pressed via hand, forearm, hip or foot, Automatic Doors has a new touchless activation buttons available with an adjustable sensing range of 20cm to 80cm. This simply requires visitors or employees to approach the switch and make a movement in front of the sensor. The removal of a manual contact point reduces the chances of Coronavirus, germs and bacteria spreading between people via shared surfaces.

Touchless has become a strong point of conversation and growing risk in today’s world. The reduction of touchpoints in environments with increased automatic door requirements such as hospitals, medical laboratories, culinary establishments and food processing has become essential. The touchless sensor reduces the need to touch any entry point or opening, fast making it an essential AODA design requirement with many corporate and government entities.

While high-risk buildings generally already have automated doors and rigorous touchless practices, the shift to automatic no contact doors is becoming a must-have across most industries.

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Find Touchless Automatic Door Solutions

BBG Security have no contact automatic door solutions to reduce the chance of Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading at your premises. No matter the application, our specialised team has the knowledge and products to meet your requirements. BBG have maintenance and automated door repair plans to ensure the longevity and performance of your new hygienic automated doors. We also stock all leading automatic door motors to make any required repairs or servicing work efficient and timely.

Below are no contact door sensor options that are more commonly used in commercial settings but can be adapted to use in homes if required.

No Contact Automatic Door Applications

  • Hospitals, operating theatres, laboratories, patient rooms, medical facilities and general practitioners
  • Residential care homes to assist with limited mobility
  • Food processing facilities and restaurants
  • Schools and universities to prevent contagion between students
  • Accommodation & hospitality providers such as hotels, pubs and backpackers
  • Aged care shared facilities, offices and aged care homes
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While these are the most common applications and industries, touchless automated doors should be considered by all businesses. Show your customers, visitors and long-term clients that your business understands and respects their right to a safe and hygienic experience when visiting your premises.

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At Best Brothers Group we are specialists in the supply and installation of all types of automatic doors, our experienced engineers are happy to comply with the most challenging of scenarios to meet your needs. We can also offer a full maintenance and service package.

We offer a full out of hours service to repair or secure doors on sites across Barrie area.

For further information on what automatic hands free door opener would work best in your business or home contact us today.

BBG supply and install automatic no contact door openers in Toronto, Barrie, Mississauga, and NewMarket and GTA and all regional areas of Ontario.