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Access Control & Alarm Systems

Our electronics security department can provide you with a host of electronic security solutions. From alarm systems and access control to apartment entry and intercoms, we have the right solution for you. We will provide you the best in sales, installation and service.

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State of the Art Mircom / Aiphone and Commax Intercom systems with and without video display.·  Access Control for Security Complexes, Apartment Blocks, Business Parks etc.· Interacts with Telkom or GSM lines.· Powers standard telephones with or without exchange line.·  No phone costs with NSL system.Low phone costs with Telkom  intercall package

Our experience, our integrity, and our level of commitment to our clients, has proven that we are the right choice for all your electrical and life safety needs.

Intercom systems

Intercom systems are ideal for Residential and Commercial communication between entry doors, rooms or offices.
With over 10 years of experience in intercom installation in the greater Toronto Area, BBG Systems can help you choose the most efficient and practical system for your application. Based on functions and applications we categorize Intercom Systems as follow:

  • Door Entry Voice Intercoms & Multi Room Intercoms
  • Door Entry Telephone Intercoms
  • Multi Room Radio Intercoms
  • Door Entry Video intercoms & Multi Room Video Intercoms
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Door Entry Voice Intercoms & Multi Room Intercoms provide local audio only from the entry door to multiple locations throughout the property as needed and also serves as the “Door bell”.
Door Entry Telephone Intercoms provide voice and/or video connection through local telephone lines to any telephone within the property and in some cases even to remote Cellular phones.
Multi Room Radio Intercom systems also provide back ground music & internal communication to individual room stations.
Evolving intercom technologies now make Door Entry Video intercoms more practical and affordable. Door Entry Video intercoms not only allow you to talk but also see who is at the door, grant access electronically as well as safely deter unwanted visitors.
With the advent of High Speed Internet most intercom systems now allow remote access and control from anywhere in the world from most Mobile devices and Smart Phones.
At BBG we always recommend the system best suited for your needs and systems which will withstand the harsh weather conditions of Canada.

Electrical Contracting

We offer comprehensive training in all aspects of our work to our clients to ensure they are informed of safety to life and the regulatory requirements for compliance.

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