Why Does Your Office Building Need Automatic Doors And Universal Washrooms?

Often, you encounter an overwhelming number of decisions when designing or choosing an office building. For example, you need to consider how many staff members the building can house and how you will structure the office. However, you should also consider whether you will get automatic doors and universal washrooms. While the cost to install them might seem overwhelming, as we’ll discuss, they offer many benefits to your business.

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Let’s start by discussing the benefits of automatic doors. First, they make it easier for disabled people to enter your building, as opening traditional doors can present a big challenge. Because they provide constant access to the building automatic doors are the safest options currently available on the market. Another benefit is that studies have shown that because they are so simple, automatic doors are preferred by a wide range of people who believe they are more convenient. In addition, they might help make your building more energy efficient. By only opening the door when needed, it will keep your office at a pleasant temperature, reducing the amount of energy your air conditioning unit needs to expend. Also, automatic doors might impact on how people view your business. For example, people associate automatic doors with the latest technologies. If you install these doors in your office it can help re-enforce in your employees’ minds that they are working for an innovative company, encouraging them to work as hard as they can. Finally, if you maintain them properly, automatic doors are very cost-effective to install and run in the long term. Now that we know some of the benefits of automatic doors, let’s look at why you should consider installing universal washrooms in your office building.

A universal washroom is a bathroom that has been designed to be as easy for disabled people. For this reason, they usually feature a large area where someone in a wheelchair can turn around. To make it easy for someone in a wheelchair there usually isn’t any barriers between the seat and the basin. Also, it should be large enough to accommodate a disabled person and their carer. Some places might require you to install a universal bathroom to make your building as accessible as possible for a disabled person. However, there are some additional benefits that you can gain from installing these bathrooms. For example, you will have the ability to hire disabled people, who can add a lot of value to your business. Additionally, it will show your employees that your company is committed to being inclusive, which creates an accepting and supportive environment.

Automatic doors and a universal washroom are some of the new technologies that have become established in businesses around the world. However, they also tend to be more expensive than traditional options. Hopefully though, you now understand the benefits that these technologies can bring to your business. So, consider installing automatic doors and a universal washroom in your building today.