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Recently we were approached by Centre for Immigration and Community Services (CISC), a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting immigrant’s integration into the community. The CISC location that contacted us was having problems with their main entrance automatic door. We respo

Access Control Project for Peel Police Headquarters

One of the most memorable and significant project we have accomplished thus far was with Peel Regional Police Corporate Headquart
As you know, a place as vast as Costco gets more foot traffic than your average retail space. The Costco which contacted us operate in a busy city and can turn over thousands in dollars in a day... so as you can imagine there are people everywhere at all times... We were contacted regarding their entrance way system, how secure it was and how heavy and clunky the old doors see
Canada Computers & Electronics is a retailer of personal computers, IT and components, as well as consumer electronics. Over its 25-year history, they continue to provide customers with the best products at the best value that the computer retail world can offer. The purpose of their call was to make the life
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