Protect Your Retail Facilities

You need cost-effective ways protect your locations and employees, and to control access to secure areas while enabling dark deliveries at multiple locations. Our Software as a Service solution lets you do it all from a single account, within parameters acceptable to IT. You even get the option for affordable video, fully integrated into your hosted access solution and easily deployed in one location or thousands.

Always Get What You Need

Our on-demand system gives you scalability and flexibility to meet your changing needs and diversified business model because you only pay for what you use. Quickly add or remove employees, store locations, storage rooms, loading docks and more. One console is all you need, whether you have a single storefront or multiple locations and access points.

Protect Your Entire Chain

Implement electronic access control across all your sites, regardless of location, through a centralized, web-based platform. Tiered administration makes it easy to enable corporate, regional, and local control.

Reduce Internal Shrinkage

Protect against loss and merchandise theft with integrated video. Easily configure employee groups to limit access to specific store rooms and inventory.

Enable Dark Deliveries

You get a full audit trail, including related video, for safe and efficient after-hours deliveries at any or all locations.

Take Control

Remotely open or close doors – or even entire locations – instantly, for everyone or for specific users. Manage who goes where and when within each store and facility anywhere, at any time, using a computer or mobile device. Control access points to high value storage areas, while maintaining an audit trail that shows which employees accessed specific points of entry.

Monitor Productivity

Check opening and closing times including employee behavior during off-hours and at remote locations. Access your system from any device or browser at any time, so you can monitor staff and contractors like cleaning crews or concession providers anywhere. Easily track operational logistics like delivery patterns through the activity log.

Respond to Any Emergency

Ensure the safety of your staff and customers in any crisis. Send and receive alert notifications, allow or restrict entry, lock down any location, and more – all online from your computer or mobile device, 24/7.