Automatic Sectional Overhead Doors

Strong, secure, practical and well insulated, our sectional overhead doors can help keep the heating bills down and do an incredible job of securing your building.

Mounted to the internal face of your door opening, which keeps the opening completely clear and available for access at all times, sectional overhead doors are made up of horizontal sections connected by hinges. Regularly used by large commercial and industrial customers across the whole of our service area we regularly install sectional overheads throughout Toronto.

Featuring insulated panels to keep the weather out and heat in, overhead door installations are guaranteed to save money on your heating bills and provide a more comfortable and productive working environment for employees and customers.

Sectional Overhead Doors

Available in a range of colours and styles, our sectional overhead doors offer customers the choice between panels with a smooth surface and panels with a stucco embossed surface and can be coated in either plastisol or powder coat finishes.

If a roller shutter door isn’t for you then look through our vast range of sectional overhead doors. We want to ensure that you receive the highest quality door that keeps your property secure and so you don’t have to worry about future costly repair bills. Call us today on 1-888-224-8688 to discuss your sectional overhead door requirements with our expert team.

Traditionally operated manually, either by means of a continuous galvanised hand chain or a pull down cord, automate electric operation can also be provided to make things even easier; and all our systems have an emergency disconnection option and built-in safety procedures should a power failure occur.

To enhance the versatility of your new door, you can also choose to have personnel access doors or integrated windows if you require them, along with a variety of track options allowing the door to open either horizontally above the door opening, or following the line of a sloping roof.

Emergency repairs

Working throughout London, Kent and Medway, we offer all clients the peace of mind of knowing that should a problem with your sectional overhead door arise, an experienced engineer will be despatched to provide emergency door repairs immediately. Our engineers have experience reaching back over 40 years so they know how to quickly get any commercial or industrial door working again; and ongoing planned maintenance contracts can also be provided, aiming to avoid the need for emergency repairs altogether. To learn more contact us today to arrange a survey and consultation with one of our professional industrial door engineers.