Bullet Proof Doors and FramesWe Proudly Feature  Bullet Proof And Bullet Resistant Steel Doors And Frames. These Are Top Of The Line Bullet Proof Doors That Can Endure Ballistic Attack Yet Have The Appearance Of A Standard Steel Commercial Door.
Our Doors Are Readily Available And Can Be Furnished With Factory-Installed Bullet Resistant Glazing.
These Doors Provide An Unprecedented Level Of Protection Against Assault And Vandalism For Places Including Cashier Islands, Currency Exchanges, Utility Buildings, Box Offices And More.

Features of our Bullet Proof Doors

Stock Bullet Resistant Steel Doors And Frames Are Ready For Immediate Shipment.
UL Level One Standard – Protection Against Medium-Power Small Arms (Super 38 Automatic).
UL Level Two Standard – Protection Against High-Power Small Arms (.357 Magnum Revolver).
UL Level Three Standard – Protection Against Superpower Small Arms (.44 Magnum Revolver).
UL Level Four Standard – Protection Against High-Power Rifle Attack (30-06 Rifle). This Ideal For Places Where Anticipated Threat Levels Are Extremely High.
UL Level Five – Eight Standard – Protection Against Military Assault Weapons Using Armor Piercing Ballistics.

With The Wide Variety Of Bullet Resistant Doors Out There, It Can Be Come Difficult To Determine Which Type Is Right For Your Project. Allow Our Customer Service Representatives To Help You Choose The Right Door For Your Needs.