Automatic Doors Project for Investors Group

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Project Description

One of the most affluential financial company called Investors Group requested our assistance for installing automatic doors. Founded in 1926, Investors Group is a Canadian-based company that help change lives for the better by offering financial management advice. The purpose of their call was to make the life of one of their employee better. In order to do that, they needed our help and expertise.

The Investor Group location that called us wanted to implement automatic doors for one of their staff members. She suffered a traumatic experience that left her in a wheelchair, despite the hardship she works hard every day. However, being confined to a wheelchair has its own difficulty and challenges that can make you feel defeated; especially against a door.  The company wanted to show their appreciation and admiration for her strong and independent personality so they called us. To not disturb the flow at the workplace we scheduled a meeting after hours.

As always, our consultant arrived on time and was greeted by the infamous staff of Investor Group. She guided us through her daily routine at the workplace and showed us which doors needed to be automated. Although the entrances of the building had automatic doors, the real problem stemmed from inside the building. She needed an easier way of maneuvering around the building which mainly consist of entering her office and three meeting rooms.

As per her request, our AODA certified technician installed automatic doors for the main problems of entry: office and the three meeting rooms. In addition to installing push-to-open buttons, we incorporated remote-control access in the design; a personal remote control to open the new automatic doors. She was very pleased with how we handle the project and our ability to finish the installations with precision. Now she can focus on her work and not be bothered by the struggles of opening a door.

This was a life-changing experience for her, by implementing these new doors she did not need to depend on others or receive special treatment. At Best Brothers Group we care, we make sure you get what you want and more. With our automatic doors that follow the AODA compliance code, she can freely move around the building. Another happy tale for another happy customer of Best Brothers Group.

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