Automatic Doors and Universal Washrooms Project for Ripe Juicery

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Project Description

Ripe Juicery is an up-and-coming drink bar that caters to the health-conscious population. Based out in the hometown of Barrie, they serve nutritious plant-based drinks that are handcrafted with natural, organic foods meant to cleanse the body from toxins. One of the founders, Lindsay Haley reached out to us about opening their new location and would like our professional help to make it happen.

At their new location, which is located in Barrie, they wanted to install an automatic door for the main entrance and install a universal washroom. After a thorough discussion of what they needed, we scheduled a date based on their timeline to do the installs. Since the restaurant is located in an area where there is high-foot traffic, we made sure to provide them with an automatic entrance system that is sleek and aesthetically appealing while also being secure, durable, and under AODA standards. Now they are confident they can better serve the masses better with their new front entrance doors.

As for the universal washroom, our installer ensured that it was built to be accessible for anyone who enters. When you arrive in front of the washroom door, you are welcomed with a 4 ½”x 4 ½” stainless steel handicap button that illuminates either a green or red LED light. It is meant to indicate whether the washroom is unoccupied or occupied, respectively. The width of the doors is meant to be spacious enough to allow anyone to enter; whether it was for a pregnant mother or disabled person, they will enter with much ease. Inside the washroom, you will find a push-to-lock button, emergency light, and emergency button. This is to provide a secure and safe environment for customers, especially if they were caught in a difficult situation. By improving accessibility, we prevent barriers for people with disabilities and at the same time increase foot-traffic.

Now when you walk into Ripe Juicery, you are greeted with open arms by our automatic doors. The sleek and clean look of the doors made the place attractive inside and out. Since our technicians are AODA certified, they do not have to worry about any issues regarding their doors. Protected by durable and secure doors plus our excellent customer service, Ripe Juicery has one less thing to worry about. Our clients love how responsive and quick we are and choose to stay with us long-term. With that being said, Ripe Juicery is another happy customer included to the ongoing list of happy clients.

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