Automatic Doors Project for CICS

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Project Description

Recently we were approached by Centre for Immigration and Community Services (CISC), a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting immigrant’s integration into the community. The CISC location that contacted us was having problems with their main entrance automatic door. We responded immediately and sent our consultant for the service call.

Within two hours our consultant arrived at CICS, the manager walkthrough the issue they were experiencing. Our consultant diligently inspected the issue and resolved it within the hour; they have had the operator for 8-10 years and needed a replacement. Over time the operator motor starts to lose grease that helps with the momentum of the door causing the automatic door to malfunction. In this case, the automatic door would stutter when it tried to close. The consultant thoroughly explained what the issue was and offered a variety of solutions. One of the solutions was to apply grease onto the motor, however this is not a long-term solution to their problem. We advised that in order to not experience this issue again within a few years, it would be better to replace the whole operator.

CICS went with our better judgement and approved changing the whole operator. After receiving their confirmation, we immediately ordered a new operator for them. Once the new operator arrived, we scheduled an installation date for the following day. Our technician, who is AODA certified, arrived promptly and wasted no time to get to work; the automatic door was up and running within a few hours. CICS was very satisfied of how responsive and professional our staff was during the whole process.

The end result was another satisfied customer who commemorated our ability to work diligently and professionally. With our experience and help, we reduced the number of repairs they would have needed if they went with the short-term solution. In addition to solving their issue with a cost-effective method, we ensured the automatic doors complied with the AODA standard. Now CICS can resume working as normal with their newly replaced automatic doors.

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