Automatic Doors Project for Colliers Property Management

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Project Description

We anonymously received a phone call from Colliers Property Management (CPM), Toronto’s top-ranked commercial real estate firm, about installing automatic doors. They briefly spoke about what needed to be done and scheduled an appointment for a site visit.

Right off the start, the representative for Colliers appreciated our professional and timely attendance for the site visit. The representative walked us through the building and showed us where he wanted the swinging automatic doors. In total there will be four automatic doors installed, one at each entrance. Within the day we were able to offer an affordable solution within their budget. For our level of professionalism and fair pricing, it is easy to make the right choices. From there we arranged an appropriate date for the installation.

Before the installation, we made prior arrangements to have the area prepared. We take the appropriate measures to prevent any damages or problems that may occur during installation. The whole project took two full days to complete, the results were stunning. With the newly implemented swanky automatic doors, the entry way looks sleek, durable, and secure. Each automatic door follows the AODA standard, allowing Colliers to stay worry-free from any penalties. The end result was four new AODA-certified automatic swinging doors, making each entry appealing and easily accessible. The new doors helped them allow any person into the facility with much ease, which in turn boosted their customers and employee’s morale.

Companies like Colliers have an expansive list of services, by making their company more accessible, it would increase their customer base. Another benefit of adding automatic doors is creating a friendly work environment, employees enjoy working at a place that cares about each member. Colliers Property Management was very impressed with our work and look forward to working with us in the future. With all that being said, at Best Brothers Group we ensure that all projects are done to perfection. We think about every possibility from different angles to prevent any issues and to provide you the best possible solutions.

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