Automatic Doors Project for McDonalds

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Project Description

One of the world’s most successful fast-food restaurant chain approached us for a service call. It is a place where smiles can be found everywhere and holds a special spot in our hearts, McDonalds. The location that contacted us needed our assistance in providing a solution to their problematic entrance door.

Whether it is inside or through drive-thru, morning or night-time, there are always customers lining up for a McDonald’s meal. In order to serve these masses, having a proper working entrance door is essential. Over the phone, the manager explained that their entrance’s handicap button did not trigger the door to open. Since the doors are quite heavy, many of their customers were unable to open the doors without great difficulty. Given the circumstances of their situation, they needed our help immediately so that business can run as normal.

Within a few hours, our experienced technician promptly arrived to the scene. The McDonald’s manager walked through the issues with our technician, who quickly troubleshooted and found the problem. Through the inspection he found out the original operator’s motor was burnt out due to overuse, he advised the manager that it needed to be replaced with a new one. Under our advisement, he agreed to have the operator replaced. After receiving the new operator, we scheduled an installation immediately but at a time that would not disturb the business’s work flow. Since it was before the afternoon rush, our technician worked efficiently and finished the job within the hour.  McDonald’s manager was very pleased with our work, we worked diligently and allowed them to resume business with little to no disruption.

In addition to resolving the issue McDonalds was experiencing, we were able to build a long-term relationship with the manager. He was impressed with our response-time and customer service; we quickly responded to their location, diligently troubleshooted the problem, provided a thorough explanation as to what the issue was, and fixed the issue professionally without causing much disturbance. At Best Brothers Group, we understand the importance of working efficiently and immediately for fast-paced businesses like McDonalds. Ultimately, we were able to add another success story to our on-going portfolio of happy customers.

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