Automatic Doors Project for Shelter Canadian Properties Limited

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Project Description

Shelter Canadian Properties Limited is a company who offer services such as property management and property investment. Not too long ago we received a phone call from SCPL regarding our services, they wanted to have a technician sent out the day of. They were experiencing technical issues with their front and back entrance automatic doors.

Although it was at such short notice, we were able to send a technician out the day of. At Best Brothers Group, we pride ourselves for our excellent customer service and professionalism. As always, our technician arrived within the given time and greeted SCPL representative. He walked our tech through the facility, showed him which doors were having problems, and explained what the issue was. The front entrance door was making weird noise and did not open and close smoothly, presenting a hazard for oncoming users. As for the back entrance, the push-to-open button did not trigger the door to open.

After listening to the rep, our technician troubleshooted to see where the problem lies. The front entrance automatic door needed an operator replacement. Every 10-15 years, the operator needs to be replaced. There are other possible solutions to the problem, however, the most effective one in this case was to replace it. As for the back entrance, the fuse in the circuit board was fried and needed to be replaced. Within an hour we provided an estimation for them, to which they agreed because of the fair pricing.

All the parts were ordered and the installation was scheduled to be after work hours. Our technicians worked diligently and was able to finish the job within one night. Every automatic door installed was ensured to follow the AODA standard. He was amazed with our responsiveness and efficiency. As promised, we finished the project within the given timeline and provided affordable solutions to their problems. Now when you enter SCPL, you are greeted with smooth, durable, and sleek automatic swinging doors. No more loud noises or finicky doors, now you get smooth operating doors that greet you with open arms. Best Brothers Group has a demonstrated ability to fulfill the needs of its clients and a proven record of successful projects.

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