Automatic Doors Project for Tim Hortons

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Project Description

Recently we were approached by Tim Hortons, one of the largest Canadian-based multinational fast food restaurant for coffee and donuts. They needed our professional team’s knowledge and experience to install automatic doors for their washrooms. As you know, a place as well-known as Tim Hortons attracts hundreds of different people a day, especially when there are over 4613 locations worldwide; it is very important for a food-chain restaurant to be able to accommodate the masses.


With generations growing older each year, it is only natural for profitable franchises like Tim Hortons to cater towards the less able and health conscious population. At this location, which was currently under renovations, they felt the automatic doors for their washrooms were old, heavy, and not easily accessible. After listening to their needs and concerns, we offered a variety of options to resolve their problems. They decided to implement a double synced automatic door with a wheelchair accessible entryway. A double synced automatic door allows you to open two doors at once, relieving you the inconvenience of constantly needing to find another handicap button.


Now when you walk into the washrooms of this particular Tim Hortons, you are greeted warmly with open doors. The new sleek automatic doors accommodate everyone, from those with disabilities to those who have their hands full. When you press the handicap button, the first door opens with the second door successively after. This gives you ample of time to maneuver past one door and onto the next, without blocking or harming anyone between the doors. Not only are the automatic doors secure and have a high safety rating, they also comply with the AODA standards.


However, with the increasing concern over health, not a lot of people may like the idea of touching a button that’s been handled by…well everyone. Have no fear, the handicap button is made out of stainless steel, a popular material used in medical devices for its anti-bacterial properties. If that does not compel you to press the button, you can hover your hand underneath the automatic hand-sanitizer located conveniently at your dispense. Tim Hortons was very pleased to know that our team of professionals thought through every possible scenario.


Our automatic doors are functional and built to last, leaving you less worries in the future. With the generation living longer, serving baby boomers have become a necessity. As we get older, we lose the ability to do simple things, compromising our joy in life. When you become more and more dependent on others to do things, overtime one will lose the motivation to head out in the world. You start to feel like you are a burden to those around you. With our automatic doors, the older generation can get a renewed sense of independence and happiness. The end result of our work at Tim Hortons is that they received a boost in business and customer satisfaction, while we were left with the gratification of a job well done.

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