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Project Description

As you know, a place as vast as Costco gets more foot traffic than your average retail space. The Costco which contacted us operate in a busy city and can turn over thousands in dollars in a day… so as you can imagine there are people everywhere at all times…

We were contacted regarding their entrance way system, how secure it was and how heavy and clunky the old doors seemed to be. When you run a retail business you depend on cutting a dazzling image of wealth intended to draw customers in off the streets – and when you are using an out-dated, old, peeling or simply unappealing doorway then you are putting customers off entering your shop and potentially losing business. This is what Costco thought was happening to them, and so they (wisely) reached out to us to allow us to help them meet their needs!

We went out to our morning appointment and were able to offer them a ariety of solutions to their problem. Options ranged from widening the whole doorway to simply replacing their door with a more solid and secure one. The managers and our team co-ordinated to compile a list of suggestions that were sent farther up the chain, and the end result was a sound investment in a new doorway system that leaves everyone happy – but especially the customers.

Now when you walk into the Costco we helped, it is akin to walking into a bank. The swanky revolving doors accommodate groups of people all at once, which allows for the vast amount of foot traffic the store experiences. The revolving, automatic doors are secure, have a high safety rating and comply with AODA standards. This means that the store is now more easily accessible to disabled people, allowing Costco more custom and, ultimately, allowing us to show off a little.

When it came to installation we were in and out in half a day, and business continued as normal about us. Our team finished up by lunchtime and left, only returning later to see the product in operation, and to take some stock photographs so that we could show off a little bit more!

Our doors are hardy and professional, and now Costco has an enticing entryway that allows for wider loads than before. Business has improved since we installed  their high tech new system, and customer satisfaction is improved. When we add doors to a property we are not simply making them accessible – we are giving a makeover to the whole store front, and making it more inviting to all. The end result of our work in Costco is that they received a boost in business, while we were left with the satisfaction of a job well done.

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